crownandcoffee reads. vol. 2

It Starts With Us | Colleen Hoover I am pretty sure we know all about Colleen Hoover books by now and especially the cult favorite “It Ends With Us’. That book (and #booktok) got me sucked into the #CoHo world and I am not mad about! This book is the sequel to “It Ends With Us” and dives deeper into the Atlas character. It’s not as good as the first but still worth the read. If you didn’t fall in love with Atlas then, you WILL fall in love with him now.

Beach Read | Emily Henry This one was my least favorite of the romance novels I’ve read so far. I did feel it dragged a bit and I just didn’t quite connect to the characters. The outcome was nice to read but the path getting there was just kind of rough for me.

Wrong Place Wrong Time | Gillian McAllister I thought I’d switch up the genre for a bit and get into a crime thriller. This one took me a little while to read but once it picked up, I couldn’t put it down. It had a time loop, crime, a mother’s love, and a soul mate. The ending was pretty good!

Local Woman Missing | Mary Kubica This is definitely for the crime lover in you. There were so many gasping and “oh shit” moments, I had to reread the page to make sure I read it right the first time! It’s a yes for me!

Mad Honey | Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan This one was a good one. I felt like I was ignoring all other things I had to do and just getting immersed in the story (even if it did have some slow moments). The characters and their own stories kept my eyes stuck on the pages and had me feeling so much for them. So many topics and scenarios in this book that can create profound conversations amongst your friends or your book club pals. This is a great pick up!

All Your Perfects | Colleen Hoover Gah this book had me feeling all the feelings. The happy, the sad, the spicy! As a married woman, knowing the struggles a marriage can have, this can hit you close to home. The chapters were broken down by time frame so you were actually on an emotional rollercoaster! I could have read this one quicker but once the book’s present day chapters came, I had to pause to prepare myself emotionally. Another CoHo book that I loved!

Happy Reading!!

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crownandcoffee reads. vol. 1

Since I have been going through so much in the last few years, I have been trying to make a conscious decision to implement activities in my daily routines that bring me joy. I have to do this to keep my spirits up and my mental above water. One of those things are getting back into reading. In 2022, I was able to dive into 7 books. I know that may not seem like a lot to some but it was a whole lot for me compared to the recent years of racking up 0 books.

I love finding articles or following book club posts to find new reads so I thought I’d share some that I got into and especially share the ones that absolutely grabbed me in and got me obsessed with the story and it’s characters. When real life is a struggle, who doesn’t like free falling into a hardcover and doing snow angels in it’s pages?!

People We Meet on Vacation | Emily Henry I loved this book. I enjoyed going on the journey with both characters from when they met to the book’s present day. It was funny. It was romantic. It was spicy. Took me a day to read. I just could not put it down!

Book Lovers | Emily Henry Another book I devoured. It was a bit slow at the very beginning but picked up pretty quickly soon after. If you love Hallmark movies, you will LOVE this book.

It Ends With Us | Colleen Hoover If you know what #booktok is, it made Colleen Hoover books go hella viral and that goes especially for this book in particular. Strong start. Strong middle. Strong end. I absolutely loved this book. It absolutely was not all sunshine and rainbows but the story will suck you in. This is one of my favorite books from Colleen Hoover so far. Fun fact: A movie is in the works!

Reminders of Him | Colleen Hoover This book – couldn’t put it down. This took me a day to read. I felt pins and needles in my heart the whole time reading. It was so good.

Verity | Colleen Hoover Another one day read for me. A. Lot. Of. Gasping. It was just too crazy to put down! I needed to know what happened next. If you like suspense and spice, this one’s for you!

What She Knew | Gilly Macmillan This one is for the crime buffs. I definitely had my detective hat on the whole time reading.

Where The Crawdads Sing | Delia Owens This book had such rave reviews, I thought I would love it. I didn’t hate but I definitely didn’t love it. It was good but I felt it was a bit slow for me.

Now go off and take a little break from real life and get lost in these stories!

Happy Reading!

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